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Attendance and Extracurricular Activities Privileges Policy

Coronado High School expects students to attend all of their classes on a daily basis. Students who show a commitment to their academic studies by having consistent attendance will continue to have the privilege of attending extracurricular activities. Students who do not attend classes regularly will not be allowed to attend Coronado High School activities.

  • Students with 7 or more unexcused classroom period absences during a nine-week quarter will be ineligible to attend extracurricular activities for the following nine-week quarter. This includes athletic events, plays, concerts, and dances held at Coronado High School. This also includes Prom which is an off-campus event.
  • Students who have 7 or more unexcused classroom period absences during the first and third quarter of the year will be ineligible to attend the Fall Homecoming Dance and Prom.
  • Students may regain eligibility for Homecoming, Winter Formal, and Prom, if they have no more than two (2) unexcused absences from the day the ineligibility email/call goes out until the day before the dance.
  • Athletes are governed by CHSAA rules for eligibility and will continue to be governed by those guidelines for participation. However, an athlete will be held to the same rules for attending all other events.
  • Students in music or drama classes, or who participate in extra-curricular events such as Science Fair or Mock Trial may be a participant during an ineligible quarter, but may not attend events in which they do not participate.
  • All absences must be excused within the 48-hour guidelines set forth by the Board of Education.