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Gifted and Talented Advanced Placement & CU Gold

Mrs. Schulzki - Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher for 2023-24 - I recently retired after 37 years in education in School District 11, but I was asked to come back to Coronado to fill the GT Resource position on a part time basis for this year. I am glad to be back at Coronado! 😊

  • Gifted and Talented Update - Students and their parents received an email outlining instructions using PowerSchool to complete the required ALP (Advanced Learning Plan) process. The ALP is a resource for students to outline their Academic and Affective goals for the year, which is required for graduation through their ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan). Mrs. Schulzki will be working with individuals and groups to support and complete ALPs in October.  Due: October 26, 2023. For an overview of the D11 Gifted and Talented program, go to - Departments - Gifted and Talented.
  • Dual and Concurrent Enrollment - Dual Enrollment is aligned through our CU Succeed courses where families are asked to pay directly for student tuition, at a reduced rate.  Concurrent Enrollment is mainly aligned through CSUP (Colorado State University, Pueblo), although there are other college partners, where an agreement is made between D11 and our concurrent college partner(s) to pay for student tuition at a reduced rate.  In both programs, the expectation is that students earn a C or better in the course, and remain a student in good academic standing. Most credit is considered GT, or Guaranteed Transfer credit, at many Colorado universities and colleges. *
  • CU Gold/Succeed Fall Dual Enrollment registration - only three courses register this fall - all other courses will register in the spring:
    • English Honors - ENGL 1601 -  Ms. Stuckey - Storytelling: Lit, Film and TV - UCDenver - $77.00 per credit - 3 credits - registration has passed
    • AP Calc BC/Calc II - MATH 1360 - Ms. DelValle - Calculus II - UCCS - $50.00 per credit - 4 credits - register by Oct. 24 - check with teacher or contact Mrs. Schulzki
    • AP US History - HIST 1530 - Mr. Kane - HIST I - History/Emergence of Modern America - UCCS - $50.00 per credit - 3 credits - register by Oct. 24 - check with teacher or contact Mrs. Schulzki
  • CSUP Fall Concurrent Enrollment registration - teachers in the following classes will assist students with college registration.  Please reach out to the teacher, or contact Mrs. Schulzki - Rm. 228, north end of the library, if you have any questions or concerns:
    • AP Chem - pending (contact Mr. Nash)
    • AP English - ENG 101 - Rhetoric and Writing I - Mr. Philipsen

*College Transcripts - In order to articulate credit, senior students will need to order transcripts through the university(ies) with which they enroll and complete college credit.  Check directly with the university through the registrar's office,,, and CSUP transcripts can be accessed at csupueblo. Your counselor, or Mrs. Schulzki can also assist you, as well.

AP Exams - Registration for the 2023-24 AP Exams is underway this fall through mid-October. Your AP teachers can provide the join code needed to register through your College Board account. Coronado's AP Exam Schedule will be updated in November.  All AP Exams will be administered in May. School District 11 will pay for student AP exams this year. Check with Mrs. Wetta - Rm. 228, north end of the library if you have any questions or concerns.

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Ann Schulzki

Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher and CU Succeed Coordinator and Dual Enrollment Resource

Val Wetta

AP Coordinator and Testing Coordinator