Darin Smith
 - Principal

Dear Coronado Community, 

Dear Coronado Community,
Our goal as educators is to provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in life. We have documented gains in student achievement, student growth, and college readiness this year. The Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) SB 09-256 requirement for all graduating seniors has been very successful, thanks to our outstanding counselors.

In response to the widening achievement gap, high dropout rates statewide, and the relatively small number of high school graduates who pursue higher education or trade school, Colorado Department of Education implemented ICAP to give students the tools to discover their interests, plan for the future, and outline their ladder of success after high school.

Our freshmen stepped up to the plate to exceed the 95% participation rate for PARCC testing. Thank you for encouraging your children to test or following procedures when opting out.
In the spring of 2017 District 11 conducted an on-line morale climate survey of district staff. Categories were similar to items used in many other schools and districts throughout the country, but were also customized to address key issues identified by the D11 morale committee. Results of the survey show Coronado staff frame of mind is quite positive. There are always ways to improve and we will address them.  

An area of concern is resources. We are being fiscally prudent with funds we have without depriving our teachers and students of needed classroom textbooks and supplies. The request for a mill levy override and bond issue at the November 2016 election did not pass and is a financial concern due to state funding reductions, but we will tighten our belts and provide the best education for your children. Look for an MLO appeal in 2017.

Colorado Springs School District 11 continues to do all we can to ensure our schools are your best choice in public education and we think Coronado tops them all! It has been proven that great schools equal great neighborhoods and the communities surrounding them. Please help us take the necessary steps to keep our schools thriving.

Enjoy your summer! Spend time with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you in August.​

Thank you,​

Darin K. Smith​

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   Coronado Principal