Darin Smith
 - Principal

Dear Coronado Community, 

Class of 2017 Graduation May 24, 2017 @ 9:00 AM The Broadmoor World Arena

It’s that time of year when graduating seniors wear caps and gowns and walk across a stage after what seems like an interminable wait. It's a time when parents and grandparents and whole extended families are happily enduring the interminable waiting. Once the graduate’s name is announced, they walk across that stage, shake a few hands, accept that diploma and flip their tassel, families cheer and cry and sigh with relief and pride.

It's not about the hat. It's not even about the speeches where important people say pretty much the same important things year after year. It's about giving yourself and your family a way to signal that you are in fact, moving from one chapter of life to another. Congratulations!

Graduation day also is a gift for family and friends who have supported you financially or emotionally during school. Even if it doesn't strike you as all that significant, it may be extremely important for those who love you. Your graduation may be fulfilling a longtime dream of parents and grandparents and relatives here and gone.

I look forward to sharing graduation day with the students I've been privileged to know, teach, and mentor the last few years. Shaking their hands and sealing the deal means "well done and welcome to what comes next."​

Thank you,​

Darin K. Smith​

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   Coronado Principal