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Click Here for the latest Coronado news - KUGR TV, Cougar Daily, Coronado Newsletter, Good News etc.!

Parent Connect - Check Grades and Attendance !

Parent Quick News:

Legacy Studios is proud to be the official senior photographer for Coronado High School. We will be taking portraits for the Class of 2018 at the school in the auditorium on July 26th.

For more information regarding sitting options and to schedule your appointment, please visit!

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Department at (800) 348-4360 or

Spread the word!  Comcast offers $10/month home Internet including Wifi for eligible families with children in the National School Lunch Program.  For details and to apply go here: or call (855) 618-8706​

Graduation requirements are changing starting with the class of 2021 - Click here for more information​.​

Click here​ for directions to access your student's CMAS score on Q Parent Connection.  If you would prefer a paper report please contact the main office.




Connect with Coronado!
NTouch - 
Register with this service and subscribe to messages from Coronado and D11 to receive texts and/or e-mails.  Coronado sends less than one message per week, on average, with information about upcoming events, newsletters, etc.  Make sure your contact information is up to date with the district to get messages from your child's schools.  Here is an instruction sheet​ to help you with signup and settings.

Parent Connect 
Call the atttendance office at 328-3618 to get a PIN and password for Parent Connect and then use this feature to check attendance and grades for your student(s).  If you're new to Parent Connect, you may find this help file useful.

Teacher Websites 
Check teacher websites for information about class assignments and makeup work.  You may need your student's login and password to access all features of some websites.  If you have questions about a particular teacher's website, please use the Departments tab to the left to go to the teacher's department page for a link to e-mail the teacher and/or department chair.

School Bucks - 
Sign up for this service to pay for school lunches and class fees online.

PTA - 
Coronado's PTA is a great way to get involved.

All Calls - 
Make sure your contact information including phone number, address, and e-mail address is up to date with the attendance office.  The school uses an automated call system to inform you of student absences, low grades, and important announcements.  Your e-mail and phone number may be used by teachers and other school staff to contact you about your student.  Your address is used for sending some grade reports and other important information.

Announcements, Newsletters, Good News Updates - 
Student Government and KUGR TV are responsible for producing in-house announcements in the form of slide shows and/or videos updated periodically. Newsletters are produced about once a month with important school information.  NTouch text or e-mail messages are sent whenever new editions come out, typically once a week or less.  The most recent editions are archived on the website.  Good News Updates are short updates published about once a week celebrating the many awards and accolades our students and staff receive.  The Cougar Daily is the student journalism product and updated frequently.​

D11 Parent Resources 
Check the D11 Parent page for other resources like the D11 App, Student Handbook, and the Family Involvement Toolkit.  Also check the Coronado sidebar links for resources like the Bully Button, Safe2Tell, and VMS (Volunteer Services) kiosk.

Cougars Care 
Coronado cares about its families!  Cougars Care is a non-profit in-house organization to help Cougars in need.  Cougars Care has an emergency supply closet to help with immediate needs for food, clothing, and school supplies as well as a process for applying for a partnering agreement to assist with other needs like school fees BEFORE students are placed on obligation.  Very large expenses such as class trips are beyond the scope of what Cougars Care is able to do.  Use the link to contact Brent Urban​ for more information. If your family becomes  homeless or if your financial situation has changed and your child may be eligible for free or reduced lunch, etc., please contact Coronado's Main Office at 328-3600 for help with finding any services that may be available to you.


D11 teachers have websites which can be accessed by clicking on the Teacher Websites link on the left side of this page. Please check each teacher’s website for current information before contacting the attendance or counseling offices regarding missed work. If your student is ill and has been or will be out of school for three or more days and teacher websites are not current, the attendance office is happy to help collect makeup work. This service takes at least 24 hours; for example if you call at 1:00 pm on Tuesday the homework will be available pick for up at 3:00 pm on Wednesday. Please contact the attendance office at 328-3613. It is the responsibility of the student and parent to initiate a request for makeup work. Failure to complete makeup work will result in a lower grade. 

Parents - is there something you think should be on this page that isn't?  Is there a link that isn't working?  Contact the web page administrator.​​
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