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Last Names: A-C
Colleen McElvogue


Last Names: Mj-Se
Diane Summers

Last Names: Hf-Mi
Sheila Cooper

Last Names: Sf-Z
Kristy Emerson
Department Chair


Last Names D-He
Vanessa Vatalaro

Sue Guthmiller

As students enter high school, they are assigned a counselor alphabetically by the student’s last name. The counselor works with the student throughout their four years of high school. It is during this time that counselors have the opportunity to become well acquainted with their students and with the parents of the students. A close working relationship with parents is encouraged and is established through special programs and meetings along with individual conferences.


• Consultants in interpreting individual student needs
• Interpreters of test scores
• Facilitators in conferences
• Coordinators of special services and placement
• Counselors for individual students and groups
• Sources of general information
• Assistance in career and academic decision making and post-secondary planning

Appointments with counselors may be made by calling the counseling office at 328-3609. Students may also make appointments during their study period, before school, after school, or during their lunch period by seeing the secretary in the counseling center. We encourage students and parents to visit our office and learn what valuable information and resources we have to help students.

Community Service – An Opportunity for All Students:

As students begin applying for the National Honor Society in high school, admission to colleges, or special college programs, and compete for scholarships, they find that a history of volunteering or assisting others plays a significant role. Many applications ask what a student has done over the four-year period of high school. Has the student committed to the service of others? Has the stu-dent demonstrated leadership within these activities? There are many opportunities in our community to help others. Students early on in high school should consider giving time to programs such as the downtown soup kitchen, Silver Key for Seniors, the Chil-dren’s Literacy Program, the summer Park and Recreation programs and other organizations. We have found a new website that is very user friendly for students who are looking for volunteer opportunities in the Pikes Peak region. It is: . You will want to check it out!

EdNews Parent
( is a free, new website for Colorado school parents, which includes:
- features
- news
- events
- tip sheets
- useful links
- background information on school safety issues, teaching and learning, and healthy schools

EdNews Parent was created in partnership with Education News Colorado and funded by the Colorado Health Founda-tion – is for parents interested in education. Parents can sign up for an e-mail newsletter every other week, pose ques-tions to a panel of experts and interact with other parents. The site promises to be a lively forum for people interested in educational issues but the content also can be personalized through the Ask an Expert feature. You can fol-low EdNews Parent on Facebook.

All Coronado teachers have websites which can be accessed by clicking on the Teacher Websites link on the left side of this page. Please check each teacher’s website for current information before contacting the attendance office. If your student is ill and has been or will be out of school for three or more days and teacher websites are not current, the attendance office is happy to help collect makeup work. This service takes at least 24 hours; for example if you call at 1:00 pm on Tuesday the homework will be available pick for up at 3:00 pm on Wednesday. Please contact the attendance office at 328-3613. It is the responsibility of the student and parent to initiate a request for makeup work. Failure to complete makeup work will result in a lower grade.

Counseling Center Study Tips and Suggestions

• Need help in class work? Your classroom teachers are the first line of defense. Individual tutors can
be arranged – see your counselor. Don’t fall too far behind – get some help!!
• An important study aid is a study buddy. Students should acquaint themselves with their “class
neighbors”. The person next to you may have caught the last tidbit of a lecture or even more important,
if you missed school due to illness, they may have the homework assignment for the evening. It
is good practice to share telephone numbers or emails to open a line of communication.
• Keeping track of your homework assignments in a planner or assignment notebook is another study
skill. Are you using your planner?
• Homework is what is assigned by your teachers and is an extension of the classroom learning but
studying is a step or two beyond. Studying is working on your own to understand subject content and
by doing so you are preparing for tests and exams. Studying may include reviewing of class notes,
rereading chapters, or even seeing the teacher for extra help.
• Student Connect and Parent Connect are great tools for helping your children keep track of their own progress – please call 328-3618 to receive your Parent Connect PIN and password.
• Teachers’ e-mails are available on Parent Connect. When viewing the “assignments,” the teacher’s
name is in the right hand corner of the list. Click on the name to access their email.
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